a ready built team of business transition advisors.

We Are IBTS!

The ideal business transition solutions team is a dedicated group of individuals specifically put together to help business owners and their families plan and execute the successful transition of the business whether to third parties, key employees, and outside third-parties, or ESOPs.


Together the team provides a book and approach to a companies life cycle.


Transition planning panel discussion
Pacific Northwest defense coalition (PNDC)

May 7, 2020

In May of 2020, members of the IBTS advisory group were guests of PNDC and Acumen Executive Search and discussed the process for transitioning out of a business.

Who, How Much, and When?…..  What’s your plan?

Business transition or sale is the most significant financial and personal event of an owner’s professional life.  Enjoy a discussion with experts on business-exit strategies, with true life examples helping you navigate the process to protect your life’s work. 

Transition & Exit Planning Why, When, What?

In September of 2020, members of the IBTS advisory group were guests of Technology Association of Oregon and discussed business owner transition & succession planning.